Workshops + Lectures

The following are brief descriptions of the lectures and workshops available for presentation in shops, Guilds, clubs, or historical societies.  We have full descriptions and supply lists available upon request.  Please contact us to book any of these course or if you have a special request for a class or lecture. Kathryn is also available for weekend and week-long intensive quilting seminars and retreats, with instruction, design coaching, and problem solving sessions, open to all skill levels.  These offerings can be customized to suit the needs of your group.  Contact us for details or visit our Events page to learn about retreats that are scheduled.


ROADS TO EVERYWHERE –Participants are encouraged to choose a project from Roads to Everywhere, Ladders to Heaven, as they learn the piecing skills needed to complete it.  We will also explore different setting options to design an individualized quilt.  We ask that participants purchase a copy of the book.  Allow 4 hours for the workshop.  

AMISH SHADOWS LIGHT REFLECTED – Based on our book by the same name, we would teach the basic technique for making the Amish Shadows block and creating your choice of a Project from the book.  We will also discuss the process for designing your own quilts using this versatile block.  We do ask that participants purchase a copy of the book.  Allow 4 hours for the workshop.  

Luna Moth, by Kathryn Greenwold. Create similar designs in our  Monoprinting on Fabric Workshop !

Luna Moth, by Kathryn Greenwold. Create similar designs in our Monoprinting on Fabric Workshop!

MONOPRINTING ON FABRIC – Using a base for textile paints, we will print natural scenes and motifs on fabrics.  This is a fun way to create images for your quilts from natural materials like fern leaves, blossoms, grasses, and commercial products that reflect our natural world.  You will go home with individualized printed fabrics to incorporate in your quilts.  Allow at least 4 hours for this workshop.  Sewing machines are not needed. Learn More →

QUILTING WITH PURPOSE – THE SLOW STITCHING MOVEMENT – Learn how to simplify, focus, and quilt with intention.  We will discuss techniques to change how you quilt for greater satisfaction.  We will also work through several exercises to get you focused on your sewing experience from choosing the pattern and fabrics to quilting it.  Finally, we will spark your creativity and confidence in design.  Allow 4-5 hours for this workshop.  In lecture only format, allow 1 ½ hours.  Good for quilters at any skill level – beginner to experienced.  

COLOR PLAY - This lecture incorporates basic color theory and design work with an exploration of the psychological and spiritual nature of color and why we use the colors we do.  You will gain understanding of why you like certain colors, and dislike others (but how to use them anyway and love it!)  Participants will work through several exercises, applying the ideas learned during the lecture portion of the workshop.  Allow 6 hours for this workshop.  In lecture format, allow 1 hour.  Good for quilters at any skill level – beginner to experienced.  

Create similar designs in our  Impressionist Landscape  Workshop!

Create similar designs in our Impressionist Landscape Workshop!

IMPRESSIONIST LANDSCAPES – Just as the Impressionist painters worked in small strokes of paint, we will work with bits of fabric to create a landscape from a photo of each participant’s choice.  Participants should be comfortable with their sewing machine and have at least minimal experience with free motion quilting.  Allow 4 hours for this workshop. Recommended for confident beginners and above.  Learn More →

SIGNS OF LIFE:  QUILTS AS MEDITATION - Throughout time and in many different cultures, there are various symbols, which have similar meaning for the people of these cultures.  These symbols also are basic to non-figural decoration.  We see these symbols in nature, in art and in fabric design, as well as quilt patterns.  The lecture/workshop explains the meanings of these symbols and
guides participants in a personal exploration of their meaning.  This workshop was inspired by and employs the book, Signs of Life, by Angeles Arrien.  In workshop format allow 4-5 hours so that each participant may begin working on a block or small quilt following the lecture/discussion.  In lecture format, allow 1-1 ½ hours.  

OMBRÉ STAR – Create this distinctive wall hanging using an ombré fabric of your choice.  Emphasis will be placed on color placement as you construct your blocks.  Purchase of the Ombre Star Pattern is recommended for each participant.  Allow 4 hours.  The workshop is good for any skill level.  

THE ALTERED CLOTH – We will use paint, fusible web, pastels, and other media especially designed for use on fabrics to create blended colors, color overlay on printed fabrics and other special effects for use in either traditional or non-traditional quilts and textile art.  Work stations will be set up and students may try all of the techniques as they create an art quilt collage.  Allow 3-4 hours.  Good for any quilter interested in art quilting techniques.

YES! YOU ARE CREATIVE - The basic elements of design, color choices, and strategies for creating your own quilts will be demonstrated.  Hands-on exercises in design and use of color are included.  Each participant will design an original block and an individualized quilt based on this block.  Allow at least 6 hours for this workshop.  Sewing machines are not needed.

SNOW FANTASY – Create folded and cut snowflakes from freezer paper.  Then use them as “masks” for painting you background, for cutting fabric appliqué shapes, and tracing for machine or hand quilting.  Each participant will have a truly individualized wall hanging when complete.  The class will be scheduled in two sessions – one for painting and the other for appliqué and quilting.  Allow 3-4 hours per session for this workshop.  It is recommended for confident beginners and above.  

VESTED INTERESTS – Each participant will create a quilted vest using a simple 3-piece pattern.  Techniques for fitting to any size, embellishment, making the vest reversible and decorative quilting will be discussed and demonstrated.  Kathryn’s pattern will be required for each participant.  Allow 6 hours for this workshop.  

Burgoyne Surrounded by Kathryn Greenwold. Learn more in our  Burgoyne Surrounded  Workshop!

Burgoyne Surrounded by Kathryn Greenwold. Learn more in our Burgoyne Surrounded Workshop!

BURGOYNE SURROUNDED - We will re-discover this 19th Century pattern first made in upstate New York to commemorate the Battle of Saratoga.  A modern technique for piecing this traditional block will be taught.  Purchase of Kathryn’s pattern is recommended for each participant.  Allow 4 hours.  This is a good workshop for beginning quilters.  Learn More →

BROIDERIE PERSE FOR TODAY - This workshop includes a discussion of the history of Broiderie Perse appliqué quilts, both in Europe and the United States.  Various methods for achieving the special effects desired will be demonstrated.  Each participant will use print fabrics of her own choosing to create a unique wall hanging or quilt block.  Machine and hand embroidery will be discussed.  Lots of examples will be available for participants to see.  Allow 4-5 hours for this workshop.  It’s a great first appliqué technique to learn.  

BEADING AND EMBELLISHMENT - This workshop is designed to teach the basics of adding beads and other embellishments to finished quilt projects.  Each participant will learn several different techniques, using a variety of materials.  Both contemporary design and traditional embellishment will be addressed.  Machine embellishment will be discussed, but the emphasis for the course will be on hand sewing techniques.  Hand and/or machine embroidery will not be extensively discussed.  This is not a Crazy Quilt class.  Allow 4 hours for this workshop.

HAND QUILTING – Learning and perfecting the basic hand quilting stitch are emphasized in this workshop.  Marking tools and use of stencils will also be demonstrated.  Allow 2-2 ½ hours for this workshop.  

BASIC MACHINE QUILTING – If you are ready to move beyond stitching in the ditch, but not sure where to begin this workshop is for you.  A variety of simple patterns will be discussed and demonstrated.  Each participant will create a sampler of at least 9 patterns.  Marking tools and templates will be discussed.  Allow 4 hours for this workshop. 



ROADS TO EVERYWHERE, LADDERS TO HEAVEN – Based on our book by the same name, co-authored by Kathryn Greenwold and Lynn Reynolds Makrin, this lecture explores the traditional “Roads to” blocks.  The historical origins of the block names and construction techniques will be discussed.  A trunk show of quilts from the book is included.  

AMISH SHADOWS LIGHT REFLECTED – This lecture is based on the book by the same title, co-authored by Kathryn and Lynn.  We discuss Amish quilting styles in general and the Amish Shadows quilt in particular.  It includes a trunk show of Amish quilts, Amish-style quilts and some of those pictured in the book.  

QUILTS IN UPSTATE NEW YORK – This is a discussion of the quilts made in New York State over the last 300 years.  Unique regional patterns, quilting styles and trends are discussed.  The lecture is accompanied by a trunk show of my collection of New York state quilts - both old and new.  Participants are encouraged to bring in their quilts that were made in New York State.  This always adds a great deal to everyone’s experience.  

QUILTS INTO THE 21TH CENTURY – This lecture and trunk show offer a look at the trends in quilting during the 20th century, and where we are going as new methods, machines, fabrics, art materials, and designs are put into use.  We are building a body of work that will become the “traditional” quilts in 100 years.  This lecture will also focus on the effects the internet and computers have already had on the quilting world and what we might see in the next 25 years.  Computerized custom fabric printing, the possible demise of local quilt shops and why that is a bad thing, the globalization of both design and markets will also be addressed.  

DON’T THROW IT OUT -- SAVE THAT QUILT! - This lecture explores how to assess the condition of a quilt and determine whether it can be saved and whether restoration or repair work should be done.  The issue of repair vs. restoration, stain removal and washing will be discussed.  Care of quilts to avoid damage will be emphasized.  Participants are encouraged to bring in quilts that need repair for discussion.  We will try to find a solution for each.

JUDGING QUILTS: What’s Really Important or Why Is Everyone So Hung Up About My Binding?!? - This lecture will help explain the different methods used for judging quilts, the difference between a juried show and one that is judged, and what you can learn from the experience of having your quilts judged.  A mock judging session will be a part of the presentation.  

APPRAISALS:  WHO, WHAT, HOW AND WHY - This lecture offers a discussion of the appraisal process, who to seek out for appraisals of quilts, why you need an appraisal of your quilts and what should be included in an appraisal.  We go through the process of fully appraising at least one quilt.  

HOLD AN APPRAISAL DAY - If you wish to have written appraisals available to your members or patrons, let me know.  A fee will be charged the quilt owner for each written appraisal done.  Antiques Road Show style verbal appraisals can be done in conjunction with this lecture for a flat hourly fee.  

CLEANING UP THE LEFTOVERS or What To Do with Your UFO’s - Just like leftover Thanksgiving dinner fills your refrigerator , your UFO’s fill your studio with clutter.  This clutter is potential for new quilts, just as the leftovers become turkey tetrazzini!  The lecture will include a trunk show of some of my UFO’s that have been transformed and completed, with suggestions for how you might take a fresh look at the “leftovers” lurking in your sewing room.