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Monoprinting on Fabric

Using a base for textile paints, we will print natural scenes and motifs on fabrics. This is a fun way to create images for your quilts from natural materials like fern leaves, blossoms, grasses, and commercial products that reflect our natural world. You will go home with individualized printed fabrics to incorporate in your quilts. We will also experiment with bead making with Tyvek and paint!

Allow at least 5 hours for this workshop. Sewing machines are not needed.

A materials fee of $15 per participant will be charged to cover the costs of paints, brushes, elements to use for the monoprinting and bead making.

Supply List

Each Participant should bring at least 5 pieces of solid fabric cut to about 9” x 12” or 15” x 18”. Bring more if you would like to.  These can be muslin, black, or any other color, batik or print.  Bring a variety of fabrics if you would like to experiment.  Subtle prints will work, but white-on-white does not work.